Russian Waves

What is The Russian Waves treatment?

The most common treatment to remove flaccidity and give tone to muscles.

The Russian-wave treatment aims to stimulate muscles by external means. 

This treatment is performed by electro-stimulation of the neuromuscular nerve terminals causing muscles to contract rhythmically, and so we provide them strength and muscle development in order to gain muscle tone volume. 

This contraction not only promotes circulation in the privacy of tissues and consumption of calories, but tonifies and strengthens muscles without gym. 

One of the benefits Russian Waves provides is gradual removal of hypotonia or flaccidity, because this electrical impulse penetrates deeply into the treatment area. Russian Waves is currently one of the most used treatments used for toning and firming. 

It’s able to reach muscles behind thick adipose tissue, with extreme degrees of flaccidity and make them work with great intensity.

  • BENEFITS: - Removal of hypotonia or flaccidity. - Toning your muscles. - Helps you to loose weight.

  • MAJOR WORK SPOTS: - Arms - Back - Buttocks - Legs